About Me


Hi there!

I am David, and like you, I was once a learner driver.

It took me 4 months to get my Singapore driving license, which culminated in me passing my second driving test in 2011 at the SSDC driving test centre.

I learned from a private instructor and he was competent, experienced and very patient.

However, after failing on my 1st driving test, I realised that there were still tons of small things he did not teach.

Here are the mistakes I made:

Fail Singapore Driving Test

When added up, they kill your chances of passing.

Knowing that I cannot rely on my instructor alone, I went on a research craze, consulting tons of online resources, friends and even their instructors!

Thankfully, I passed my second driving test:

Pass Singapore Driving Test

I did not want all the research I did to go to waste, and so this sparked the idea of creating a guide book on how to “Pass Your Driving Test with One Try“.

Although the SG driving test is a practical one, just practising itself is not enough.


You got to be exam and psychologically smart!


Know your strengths, your weaknesses, how to perform in a way that ticks the right boxes, avoid the common mistakes all the while keeping your composure to perform at your peak condition!

I sincerely hope you will find great value in utilising the numerous driving test tips I share in the book. All the best for your driving test!


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