An open letter to learner drivers taking the Singapore Driving Test..

Finally! A Proven, Step by Step Formula to Increase Your Chances of Passing the Driving Test by 1.6X

If you already extremely confident and know all the tricks and tips, this letter is NOT for you.

That’s because I’m looking for people who are anxious and searching for tips, ANY tip in fact, to pass driving with one try but have no idea how.

And by that I mean you are either…

  • first time TP Test taker feeling kan cheong, afraid of failing due to the high cost and so nervous you have trouble sleeping
  • Someone who has failed before and feeling extremely demoralised, like a loser.. (I’ve been there before)
  • Or even someone who has failed and feeling injustice at unwarranted demerit points as you believe your tester just wanted to fail you

If any of that sounds like you, I want to help…

Singapore Driving Test Circuit SSDC

The Formula & How I Can Help You

For a start, I used this formula to pass the SG driving test on my 2nd try.

For my first TP driving test at SSDC, I failed with a terrible 26 points + 1 immediate failure, screenshots on the right.

My immediate failure was for mounting the kerb after coming out of a vertical parking slot, the #1 nightmare of any driving test taker.

What’s worse, was that mounting was something I had never done before!

But something else caught my attention, how did I commit so many of those 2 and 4 demerit point offences?  And why did my driving instructor not teach me about them?

With a mixture of disappointment, bewilderment and frustration, I went research crazy and finally nailed down the formula to pass the driving test.

Fail Singapore TP Practical Driving Test
Pass Singapore TP Practical Driving Test

For my 2nd TP driving test at SSDC, I improved to a respectable 14 points (I disagree with 10 of those points, but that’s for another day) having only went for one additional driving lesson.

When I shared this formula with other test takers, 8 in 10 managed to pass the SG driving test with their next try!

Compare this to the national average, where only 5 in 10 managed to pass the SG driving test.

This is a huge 1.6X improvement!

Something is Fundamentally Wrong with the Industry

when half of Singapore driving test takers fail the TP test..

On the right, you can find a table of the top 10 mistakes made by 100s of Singapore driving test takers from my research.

These mistakes are so easy to avoid yet made so repeatedly that I cringe while compiling the list.

From this research, I reached two conclusions:


1. Test takers are not exam smart and instructors’re partially to blame

Most instructors only teach you how to drive a car – they don’t go the extra mile in preparing you to be exam smart.

To pass, you need to know the tricks in knowing what to look out for, what to avoid, what to do and how to handle unpredictable scenarios.

If not, you will end up like me – shocked at all the demerit points during my first test without knowing I even incurred them.


2. Test takers are not psychologically smart too

Test takers also do not know the psychological tricks to to stay alert and composed during the test.

What they only know, is to tell themselves to relax, treat it like a lesson and tester as a friendly instructor. Even friends say the same thing!

That is really naive thinking – you can’t control your emotions like that.

Trust me, after a mistake, your mind starts thinking, “OMG I’m screwed. But wait, did I really make that mistake? Did the tester see?”…

And what happens if you get a tester from hell? How do you stay composed when he shouts in your face to overtake another car?

And what happens when something unpredictable happens (jaywalker pops out in front of you/car cuts your lane and jams brakes)?

Top 10 Singapore Driving Test Errors

1Strike kerb
Misc (26), directional change (22), parallel parking (19), vertical parking (15), crank course (7), s-course (3)
2Fail to check blind spot/incorrecct74
3Fail to confirm safety63
4Mount kerb
Directional change (15), misc (15), crank course (5), parallel parking (3), vertical parking (3), s-course (1)
5Fail to check mirror41
6Turn steering wheel while vehicle is stationery40
7Fail to use appropriate gear39
8Insufficient acceleration39
9Change lane abruptly37
10Delay in moving off34

Now, do you want to learn the proven tricks to avoid these mistakes and be exam & psychologically smart?

Introducing the Pass Your Driving Test with One Try Guide Book

As mentioned earlier, this guide book contains the easy to follow step by step formula that will increase your chances of passing the driving test by 1.6X.


This allows you to save at least $200 ~ $400 (retest, lessons) and 2 months of time waiting for a retest.


That is a new iPad Mini or a 3 day Bali trip you could have bought right there!


But instead of tooting my own horn, allow me to quote what others have said about my work…


Click on images below to expand

Pass Singapore Driving Test with One Try Guide Book
Pass Singapore Driving Test with One Try Book Testimonial

A really useful preparatory resource book and helped me visualise

Pass Singapore Driving Test with One Try Book Testimonial

Convenience to read using either smart phone or tablet

Pass Singapore Driving Test with One Try Book Testimonial

Very comprehensive, built up my confidence and reduced my anxiety

Pass Singapore Driving Test with One Try Book Testimonial

Encourages testees, helps, especially safety checks which I was not penalised for

Pass Singapore Driving Test with One Try Book Testimonial

Helped me enormously, easy to read and to remember

Pass Singapore Driving Test with One Try Book Testimonial

Your eBook really helps

In the Pass Your Driving Test with One Try eBook, You'll Discover...

A complete, step by step program with actionable insights

Chapter 2: Basic Driving Techniques

The Driving Techniques to Master to be a Competent Driver

Before you even think about going for the driving test, the first step is to master car handling. This checklist serves as a good checklist to help you see where you stand. Attaining mastery is only the first step. It is a must, but not enough alone to pass the driving test.

Chapter 3: Advanced Driving Techniques

Two Ninja Techniques to Elevate Your Performance from Good to Great

Knowing these two techniques are not necessary to pass your driving test. However, using these two techniques will boost your chances of passing dramatically and provide the platform for peak performance.

Chapter 4: Singapore Driving Test Walkthrough

A Virtual Experience, from Warm Up to Post Test

This is where the meat begins. Experience a full run of the test on paper and learn tips and tricks at every stage of the test including warm up, post warm up, in the circuit and on the road. Procedures are also broken down into easy to follow steps – you just have to execute them.

Chapter 5: Singapore Driving Test Assessment Checklist

Know What are the 64 Mistakes You Can be Marked On

This is where you work smart. Ask your driving instructor to use the checklist during your lessons. Understand what your weaknesses are and work hard and smart to eliminate them.

Chapter 6: Common Errors

The 58 Errors Made after Researching over 100s of Test Takers

This chapter shows you where you are likely to go wrong. Learn from others’ mistakes and avoid them. Use the three key lessons that can be inferred from this list to dramatically increase your chances of passing the TP driving test.


Here’s a FREE sample chapter 6 for you (just click the PDF icon below!)

free_chapter_6_arrow_1_200x opti


Chapter 7: Unpredictable Scenarios

Unpredictable Scenarios Are Not so Unpredictable, They Can be Prepared for

This chapter gives you 200% preparation and reduces the role of luck in your driving test. During the test, driving well is NOT enough. You must be able to handle different and unpredictable scenarios as they arise. Through research, some “unpredictable” scenarios are found to be rather common. Prepare for those and not leave your fate to luck.

Chapter 8: Dealing with Traffic Police (TP) Testers

How to Deal with the 7 Different Tester Personas

Testers can really make or break your driving test, something most first time test takers are unaware of due to their lack of experience. Learn what make testers tick and how to deal with them effectively.

If that seems like a lot of information, it is! I’m leaving no stone unturned to prepare you for every possible thing that might happen during the driving test so as to pass with one try.

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Free Bonus #1 - Anxiety Reducing Techniques

Learn to be psychologically smart

The toughest obstacle is not driving – it is controlling your nerves.

As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest causes of mistakes is that test takers are NOT psychologically smart.

What they do, is tell themselves to relax, don’t kancheong and treat the test as a driving lesson. So many others offer this advice as well..

But your emotions do NOT work that way!


The smart way is to understand what the causes of your anxiety are. Then, realise how exaggerated and unrealistic your concerns really are.

I’ve written a report to teach you exactly how to do this and also to address all the different concerns you might have.

This ties in perfectly with the “Pass Your Driving Test with One Try” eBook which by mentally walking you through the whole driving test, makes you naturally less anxious and more confident.

Good news for you is that this report comes FREE with your purchase of the “Pass Your Driving Test with One Try” eBook.



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Anxiety Reducing Techniques to Pass Singapore Driving Test Guide Book

My Iron Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Pass Singapore Driving Test with One Try Book Money Back Guarantee

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Regardless of which driving test centre (SSDC, BBDC or CDC) you are from, you can leverage the driving test tips to pass with one try.

If you are not satisfied, simply drop me an email ( and I’ll gladly refund your money. No hassles and no hard feelings there.

This is how serious I want YOU to succeed and how confident I am that this eBook will help you pass.

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“The e-book is very comprehensive.. summarizes the essential procedures to be carried out.. helps to tackle psychological barrier… built up my confidence and reduced my anxiety during the Singapore Driving Test”

Jun De

Any questions, feel free to email me at and I will gladly answer them. All the best for your driving test! Looking forward to hearing of your success.

Pass Singapore Driving Test with One Try Author

P.S. If you’re serious about passing your driving test with one try and save time (2 months of waiting) and money ($200 for retest and lessons), you should get “Pass Your Driving Test with One Try” eBook today. It contains a comprehensive list of Singapore driving test tips and tricks for every station and even beyond. Executing them is easy and passing is the only option.

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