Failed my first test with 32 points at CDC, 10.15am. This was all down to failing to check blind spot!

So firstly, I got 10 points for striking kerb. Kenna this because as I was turning my car while coming out of parallel parking, I did not move my car forward enough before I turned. Should have left more turning space as well. My fault cos I was too confident. Over confidence kills.

Also kenna 2 points for steering while vehicle is stationary. Didn’t know about this :/

2 points for moving off in wrong gear, careless from me to move off in gear 2.

Another 2 points cos of insufficient acceleration in circuit. Tester said I dragged gear in circuit, but seriously, there wasn’t enough space to move to gear 2 in the circuit. Even if there was, it is just not practical to change to gear 2 and then quickly down gear. But I see where he’s coming from

And the rest of my points? All down to failure to check blind spot. Problem was I did! Just that I think I wasn’t obvious enough as I didn’t really fully turn my head.


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