This is a report of my mistakes, hopefully others can learn from them.

Passed on my third try with 12 points!

  1. Got 2 points for forgetting to adjust my mirror back after parking lol. Very careless, do remember to do so!
  2. Got 2 points for failing to signal when moving out from parallel parking. Remember to even if you don’t see any cars around!
  3. Another 2 points for insufficient acceleration. This was actually in the circuit where you aren’t supposed to go fast/there is not enough space to do so anyway. Maybe the tester found me too slow. Try to adjust into gear 2 whenever you can or if you see a stretch of road.
  4. Got 4 points for failing to use engine brake/depress clutch unnecessarily at bend. Due to my bad habit of clutching in gear 2 when going through filter lane.
  5. Got 2 points for wrong gear selection, think cos I always change to gear 4 quite early, e.g. at like 35km/h.

Was really lucky to get  friendly tester who would remind me to do this and that. Good luck to the rest going for their driving test.


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