Hi, just passed my traffic police driving test at CDC with 18 points!

Rather epic for me because there was this one instance which was pretty heartstopping. There was this moment where I was not too far away from the white line at a junction, the traffic lights turned amber and somehow I decided to just jam break. This sent the tester’s tablet flying to the ground! Haha he looked quite irritated. Luckily, I manage to stop before the white else sure immediate failure, kept saying sorry. This only gave me 2 demerit points for incorrect/jerky/late braking. I wonder if I had proceed, how many points I would have gotten for proceeding on amber light or maybe even immediate failure.

The other heartstopping moment for me when suddenly there was a car which broke down on the left lane. I kenna 6 points for failing to slow when approaching road hazard. Needless to say, I was damn demoralised after this. Luckily, we headed back to CDC already if not I dunno if I am still in the mood to drive. Luckily, managed to pass just by the brink! 🙂


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