I passed my second test but failed my first driving test with a horrible 26 points and 1 immediate failure. It may not seem that much, since passing mark was 18 points and the immediate failure mistake can be construed as suay, but tbh, I must say I was really way off from passing. Now let me share my experience and what I’ve learned.

I started off my first test on the wrong foot already. My sleep patterns were off that week and I had troubles with sleeping the night before the test – I was damn nervous! Kept thinking about the uncertainties during the test and visualising different scenes. As a result, I think I only had 4 hours of proper sleep. And a big mistake was booking the test early.

Started off with my warm up session before the test, felt a bit groggy but still able to perform, but I could definitely feel that I was not at my sharpest. Parked the car and went into the holding room to wait for my tester. Boy was it cold in the room, and a combination of nerves and cold is really not the best preparation for a driving test.


A Malay tester came in, I greeted him and we made our way to the car. He was pretty much expressionless and I was still feeling alright at this point. Got into the car, made sure he put on his seatbelt and did all the safety checks before I then started to move off. Felt weird at this point, as now it is YOU who is in control. Plus there’s a stranger beside me and no back up help if I ever needed. Slightly unsettling but I overcame that.

Began to do the obstacles, was actually pretty smooth as I cleared the S course, crank course, directional change, moving off an incline and parallel parking all rather easily. Did things slow and steady and executed all the steps properly. But now the nightmare came. I was getting complacent – it was too easy. So as I was turning out of the parking slot after vertical parking, I turned maybe a wee bit early (I was in cruising mode) and BAM – I mounted the kerb.


WTF. those were the only words that registered in my mind. I had never mounted the kerb before and so I was still questioning myself if I did mount the kerb. There was pretty much an awkward silence in the silence and a “too bad tough luck man” shrug by my tester. In my head, I was cursing my luck that just because of one stupid careless mistake, $200 and months of learning have just went down the drain, crap…Though in other times I was in self-denial mode. Did I really mount the kerb?

All this meant that I totally lost all focus for my driving, I bet my tester would be feeling scared at this point. In the circuit, I went to the wrong lane as I was thinking “heck alr, anyhow drive”. As we went out, I went to the wrong lane again and even stalled at a junction haha.. Surprisingly I did not get deducted marks (“failure to move off”) for that. Anyhow, I think he could not take it already and asked me to head back to SSDC.

At the debriefing room, I didn’t know what to feel. I was just pissed off at myself. Then, I got back my report and was pretty much stunned at the long list of 26 points! I didn’t expect so many demerit points. The tester didn’t really go through any of those with me, just told me that my clutch and gear control have to be improved. I agree actually. Went to book a re-test, rushed home and plonked myself into my bed to get some much needed rest and of course, to let the frustration fade.. Pretty effective. Felt like shit at the start but much better after waking up 🙂

fail_tp_test_850x opti

Now, my 2nd test was about a month away, but I was 100% determined to pass this time. It would be stupid to fail and throw another $200 away plus spend another $200 for a re-test. Do or die I told myself. From my previous mistakes, I realised there were tons of things that my PDI did not teach! Wth. Like proper checking of blind spots and safety. And I did not even practise engine brake until the day of my driving test. Regardless, I went to research through every single forum and website to find out all these little things to watch out for and tips for the singapore driving test.

Glad to say, this really improved my performance. I only went for one more driving lesson before I went for my 2nd driving test. This time round, I felt super confident, but not complacent. Even my clutch control somehow magically improved. I was able to shift gears quickly and smoothly without looking at it. Did all my safety checks and executed all the driving techniques properly. Arranged my driving test in the afternoon and had a good night sleep before, so feeling sharp.

Confident (1)

Everything went well until the point when I headed back to SSDC though :/ There was actually only 1 lane to turn into SSDC and there were so many cars queuing that it stretched past a bend. I did not realise that and so did not queue up and to had to cut my way in. Luckily did not get penalised for that.

Got back to the waiting room and lo & behold, I passed with 14 points! 🙂 I was initially surprised, was expecting 4-8 points at most. Got deducted for “failing to look out for traffic/pedestrian at junction”, “veering off course”, “incorrect chccking of blind spot” and fail to confirm safety”. Disagree with almost most of them, maybe I did not wayang enough when checking but who cares, I PASSED!!

pass_tp_test_850x opti

Was so happy that I had to really control damn hard to prevent myself from just smiling at anything and anyone, pretty sure anyone who has passed would know how it feels haha. Went to take a photo, submit my application and also watched the video on safe driving. To anyone who has passed, please drive safely. One lapse of concentration and lives could be lost. To all those going to take their driving test, good luck and all the best! It will be worth it!



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