Passed only with my 2nd try at SSDC with 6 demerit points, here are some lessons which I would like to share with the others.

Anyway, my 6 demerit points were due to insufficient acceleration and failure to release handbrake. Really careless :/

Some of my own self reflections:

Try to get zero points in the circuit. It is not that difficulty, you have practised clearing those stations before already and it is the same thing. Stay calm, do things at a comfortable pace and just repeat what you have done before. Don’t rush, don’t take short cuts or don’t try some funny pattern. Getting zero points will help you really boost your confidence. It will also provide more allowance for points on the road, where funny things can happen.

So for instance for me, I have problem with S course and crank course, always mount kerb cos my spatial sensing is poor. I just did it super slowly, try to feel the car, concentrate, do what I’ve learnt and done before and I was able to clear the kerb. What my instructor taught me was to turn only when the handle pass the kerb and this worked for me. I know some other instructors teach you to turn when side mirror pass the kerb but it doesn’t work all the time.

Try to get some practise with lane changing in heavy traffic. I find it quite common when after making u-turn, you see other vehicles catching up. So what I do is practise quickly inreasing my speed and moving to the left lane. This will be quite important for those taking tests in peak hour time slots too.


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