Top 25 Mistakes Made during the Singapore Driving Test

On the right, you can find a table of the top 25 mistakes made by 100s of Singapore driving test takers from my research.

This is a very useful table that shows you where you are likely to go wrong – do learn from others’ mistakes and avoid them.

If you would like the FULL list and frequency of the 58 mistakes test takers make, do download the PDF below.


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Top 25 Singapore Driving Test Errors

1Strike kerb
Misc (26), directional change (22), parallel parking (19), vertical parking (15), crank course (7), s-course (3)
2Fail to check blind spot/incorrecct74
3Fail to confirm safety63
4Mount kerb
Directional change (15), misc (15), crank course (5), parallel parking (3), vertical parking (3), s-course (1)
5Fail to check mirror41
6Turn steering wheel while vehicle is stationery40
7Fail to use appropriate gear39
8Insufficient acceleration39
9Change lane abruptly37
10Delay in moving off34
11Improper turning (wide turn, sharp turn, incorrect turn)30
12Incorrect braking technique29
13Cause other vehicle to slow down or take evasive action24
14Fail to slow down when approaching road hazards23
15Fail to use engine brake17
16Veer off course17
17Fail to look out for pedestrian16
18Speed too slow16
19Roll backwards15
20Fail to keep left (road hogging)13
21Fail to signal13
22Cause inconvenience to cross traffic12
23Incorrect positioning12
24Incorrect technique for ebrake11
25Proceed on amber light/blinking green arrow11