Passed on my first try at BBDC! I count myself pretty lucky haha, thought I sure fail already during the test and was damn sad.

Starting with the warm up part, everything was smooth and I do it nice nice. Even my instructor was impressed. He only had one advice for me, telling me that I am good, confident, no matter what, do not give up, even if you think you made some grave mistake.

In the room while waiting for the tester, I was nervous as shit. Kept praying don’t get the Teck Whye route cos the slope is a killer, then in the end suay really got it haiz. Finally, got my tester, some old man who gave me black face, made me even more scared.

He was actually quite nice during the test, but only initially. He gave clear instructions and told me the numbers and where to turn timely. But shit, first thing I did was directional change, and I striked the kerb already when reversing. Jialat, 10 points liao, sure fail. Then I thought of my instructor’s advice, no matter what, do not give up.  So I just continue to do my test. But somehow my tester’s tone changed already, like bu shuang. Anyhow, I cleared the rest of the circuit smoothly.

Out on the road, I forgot to check blind spot and he “scolded” me, asked me why never check. I say sry sry and continued to drive till a traffic junction.  Normally, supposed to turn right and then do a u-turn ahead. But my tester told me to turn left and head back to BBDC. Crap, I though fail lo. While driving back, I already damn no mood already, anyhow drive. I nv change to higher gear, keep dragging, then he  tell me can change to higher gear liao. Sian, another few points but I heck already.

I was damn sad while walking back to the holding area, and as we were walking back he also told me all my mistakes lo. Lol, I wasn’t even listening, just thinking when to book next test. Then, he went to print the report slip, gave it to me and OMG, I only had 16 demerit points! haha , I was so happy sia, kept thanking my tester. I looked at the paper again and realised, my tester didn’t give me points for striking the kerb!! That’s why I said I damn lucky haha..


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