Going to share my experience here as a private student. Took me two tries at CDC and only got two demerit points on my second try!

I remember my first test was at 11am, did everything well at the circuit, swee swee no problems. But just when I was exiting CDC, not sure what happened to me, I was on the right lane but I chose to change to the left lane. It was like an automatic reflex action as we are supposed to keep to the left. But siao liao, it was only when I change then did I realise I crossed the double white line separating the two lanes. Tester only asked me why I change lane and never say anything else.

When back, I found that I had 1 immediate failure and 26 demerit points.. sian. I felt I drove ok out on the roads. Got deducted points for failing to pull handbrake during circuit parkings.

For my second test at 2pm, I was no less nervous. Did everything well at the circuit again besides vertical parking. Had to do it twice as my first attempt felt wrong, didn’t want to risk striking or mounting kerb. Tester did not say a word so that calmed me a bit.

Haha then out on the road something “bad” happened but luckily it did not cost me major points. When I reached the same area where I crossed the double white line, I started to panic. There was the zebra crossing in front and I slowed down until I stopped. Tester was bewildered and asked me why I stopped haha.. I told him I thought I saw someone getting ready to cross so stop just in case, when in actual fact my legs went dead LOL.

Continued with the rest of the test, do swee swee, tester asked me to turn back early, so I didn’t have to do any u-turns, was probably was the first from that batch to reach. Got back to CDC and found that I only had 2 points, for unnecessary stopping, yes!!!


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