Hi all, took my first driving test and thankfully I passed. Here are my 2 cents.

I for one don’t think attire matters much, this is after all, a test of your driving skills and safety awareness. I wore slippers lol.

I took the 3.45pm test time slot at CDC and there were a hell lot of cars in the circuit.

In the circuit, I got 10 points for parking because I failed to confirm safety and moved steering wheel while vehicle is stationary. Remember to check all your blind spots and be careful of hitting the kerb, leave enough space.

Next, for the slope, it took me two attempts to clear it. First time was because I took too long to release the handbrake and my car stalled. Told myself not to panic and kept going through the steps in my mind again. On my 2nd time I focused and managed to clear it successfully.

After clearing the circuit, the tester told me to take a route which I had never went on. I had panicked for a while but managed to calm myself down to just drive comfortably, focus on safety and simply repeat what I have learned.

I believe this is the most important advice, whatever shit happens during the TP driving test, don’t panic and stay calm. Just ignore and continue with the test. It’s your driving skills that count, let them shine!


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